First and foremost, we are a family.  Jared + Jessica, and our two kiddos Emery (4.5) and Asher (2.5).  We are probably just like you in many ways – We love family + friends, can appreciate a good glass of wine, work hard (we are both self-employed), and enjoy our down-time from work.  And like many of you, if we could have more of one thing, it would be the freedom to work less and travel more.  We want to explore and discover, and teach our kids to do the same.

Our purpose is two-fold.

  • We want to inspire you with the sights and stories of travel and exploration. To share our journey and the journeys of those that inspire us to travel and explore more.
  • We want to equip and teach you about the potential of VIO Lifestyles, the travel company that we see as an incredible vessel to take us on the journey towards more time and financial freedom – a freedom that will allow us to do that one thing we want more of – the ability to travel. We are Guides with VIO Lifestyles, and are growing a family of everyday people just like you, who want to be less tied down with the responsibilities of life, and able to say YES to experience.

Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul.  We believe this whole-heartedly, and are on a journey to discover it for ourselves.  And we want you to come along, too.